South Wales coverage

OTHER than the official Welsh League website, which although concise is undoubtedly tired looking, there is very little coverage of football in South Wales.

In terms of recording match info, the Welsh League is some way behind it’s North/Mid-Wales counterparts. Saturday (and Sunday) results are indeed promptly filed to press but the complete absence of goal times, scorers and red cards are glaring omissions and sorely needed.

My view on the need to revise the current level of coverage is shared by many and the creation of an online resource would be of great benefit to both the league and clubs. A few weeks back, I contacted almost every Welsh League club to outline my plans of turning this blog into such a site. I felt that with support of the clubs, who could submit match reports, I would realistically be able to aggregate and publish news for clubs from the Welsh Premier as far down to Level 5.

I received a very positive response from the clubs who replied but since then, the amount of submissions I’ve been getting have dwindled to just a few. I could press on with what I have been receiving but posting reports involving the same few clubs every week will quickly make the blog stale.

A look at Dave Jones’ superb North Wales football blog will show that providing insightful coverage of football in South Wales is not impossible. Although having been notified just a few days ago that even Welsh Premier clubs are unable to fulfil basic media responsibilities for the league, perhaps some of the clubs are even more amateur than I thought. Deflating…

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