Wales national team blog: Coleman’s fate rests on depleted squad

666 haunts Wales’ Group A campaign: 6 defeats, 6 points, 6th place

Craig Bellamy’s final appearances in a Wales shirt will be tainted by the negativity and uncertainty that currently sounds the Welsh camp.

A qualifying campaign that had the potential to offer so much has instead, as generations of Welsh fans have become accustomed to, delivered so little as the national team once again finds itself at a crossroads over its future.

Bellamy is widely expected to stand down from his Wales commitments when the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign fizzles out in Brussels a week Tuesday. Bella’s departure from the international scene will leave a gaping hole that will be high on the list of priorities for whoever is holding the reigns of the Welsh setup in months to come.

It is the future of Chris Coleman that is the immediate issue facing Welsh football. If radio phone-ins and Twitter are accurate representations of fans views, then Coleman is not the preferred choice to manage Wales beyond the current campaign.

I’m unable to come to a conclusion either way regarding Coleman. Yes, a record of two wins and six defeats is a damming enough verdict to the success of our Group A campaign, but I’m yet to hear of a glaringly obvious candidate who is waiting in the wings, that can offer an improved chance of success with the current pool of players.

Coleman seemingly has the next two games to convince the FAW that he is the man for the future but with a heavily depleted squad, what is he realistically expected to deliver?

I don’t see the wisdom of judging Coleman over two matches when has been in post for almost two years. It could well be the case that that is just the party line and a decision has already been made.

The FAW have provided Welsh fans with a great opportunity to experience Welsh Premier League football this weekend.

Those who purchase a ticket for Friday’s game against Macedonia in Cardiff, will be entitled to free admission into any of the WPL’s weekend fixtures.

This incentive could provide a useful opportunity for Welsh Premier clubs to showcase its product to new fans, so if you do attend the Macedonia game, please do try and get yourself to one of the weekend’s Welsh Premier League games. Remember, as the old saying goes: you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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