Site re-launch: new URL address and new look!

Spring has introduced itself spectacularly here in South Wales and I have decided to do some spring cleaning here on this website!

Those who regularly visit here will perhaps notice one or two changes that I’ve made to the appearance of the site, which was getting a bit tired-looking.

Firstly, you can see the text is now larger and the columns are wider, making it smarter in appearance and easier to read.

The site should also now be a lot more functional on tablets and smart phones, and also has a new Twitter button on the top-right of the page for you to follow my latest tweets and share your views (I’ll always re-tweet views providing they’re appropriate).

Right now there are 1,496 email subscribers to my blog, so if you want to join them in receiving notifications straight to your email inbox, follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.

The final major change to the website is its address which was long overdue a change. When I first created the site a few years back, I had absolutely no idea what to register the site under so boringly opted for matthewburgessfootball – so, to add to the new feel, I settled on a brand new name which has now been registered and renamed my website as – drum roll…..- The previous address however does still work and will re-direct you right here.

The amount of visitors that the blog has been receiving in recent months has increased greatly, so the re-branding of the site arrives at a good time and will hopefully help the site continue to grow.

I would still like to see more comments being posted here. I know a lot of people have strong views on various aspects of Welsh football – it’d be good to get those views represented and provide a forum for good debate and discussion. I’m also keen to hear any suggestions on what direction you’d like to see the site take. Inside the WPL is never going to be an unofficial all-encompassing source of breaking news but I hope my blogs complement the official and unofficial content already out there. The growth in popularity of the site this season shows interest in the Welsh Premier League as a whole is on the rise, which can only be a good thing for all concerned!

Happy reading!



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