Q&A with new WPL Podcast host Marc Webber

This morning marked the launch of the brand new Welsh Premier League official podcast as the league braces itself for the start of the new season on Friday night when Rhyl host rivals Bangor City. Presenter Marc Webber will team up with Sgorio pundit and former WPL manager Mark Jones each week throughout the new season to bring you news, chat and features involving all 12 clubs and you can check out the rather excellent first episode below.

I caught up with Marc to find out more about the podcast and what we can expect to hear over the next few months:

What is your role at audioBoom and how long have you personally been involved with the WPL?
I was one of the first reporters of the League of Wales back in 1992. I covered Cwmbran and Inter Cardiff for Red Dragon Radio and the Mid Glamorgan Press Agency. I had jollies out to Cork for Cwmbran’s first tie in Europe and with Afan Lido to Riga (now THAT was a trip and a half!) I’ve been living and working in England more recently and now report on BBC1’s Final Score, but I’ve always kept my nose in the WPL work wise or for anorak-like purposes.

I also work as Head of Sport for audioBoom which hosts the podcast. My job is to help as many clubs, leagues and fans as possible use our free audio recording service so they can share interviews, comments or have a go at making a better podcast that me and Jonah (which is not hard!). There are some great WPL podcasts on us already, like the one from Newtown.

How did the podcast come about?
We work closely with the guys at the FAW who use audioBoom for interviews and chats. I thought the time was right to step that up a gear and use our production facilities here to create something new and the WPL loved the idea. I also think it gives the WPL a level of voice it deserves and podcasts are getting sexy again, so I’m told.

What can we expect from it this season?
The basic format is pub ammo with a bit of a laugh. I want people to walk away from the podcast feeling we’ve given them an insight to something they may not already know. We’re trying to do that in a way that allows WPL newbies to understand as well as hardcore supporters. And, do you know…some of the features I have planned might fall flat on their arse, but at least I died trying!

How have you found Mark Jones to work with?
Well, Jonah called me a lunatic in the first podcast, so he’s set the tone for our relationship. Personally, I think it takes one to know one! He’s a great man whose knowledge of the league is going to be a real asset here.

We’re doing the first few remotely, but the plan is that the pair of us will be hitting a football club bar near you soon to record live (I’ve got the bleeper machine on standby). We’re really looking forward to getting out and about with the podcast, but technology allows us to tell those stories wherever we are.

What are your own views on the coming season?
Exciting. I agree with Jonah that places 2-12 in this league will be very hard to call. The thing that stuck out from the Dafabet odds for me was MBI Llandudno being top of the outright odds after TNS & Airbus at 11/4. They are really the unknown quantity this season. They’ve come out of a very tough league, bulked up with some good signings… underestimate Llandudno at your peril.

Who’re your picks for the top six?
I think TNS are unstoppable at the top. So, it’s all about who is behind them and who will fail. I think Airbus, gap Connah’s Quay, Aberystwyth and Newtown will be top six and I am going to back the dark horse and say MBi Llandudno will be top six too.

I think it will be tougher for Haverfordwest and they may find themselves down the bottom end. And I know they have bulked up at my old stalking ground of Port Talbot, but I do think it could be like wading through treacle for Town this season.

How can supporters get involved with the podcast?
Three ways. Firstly, by listening to it on audioBoom – no listeners=no podcast=unhappy Jonah! Just click on this link to hear the latest episode https://audioboom.com/channel/wplnews or look out for the link on the WPL’s Twitter and Facebook. The podcast will normally appear Tuesday night or Weds morning.
Secondly… spread the word. Share the podcast with all your friends and enemies.
Finally… email us with any ideas for the show, questions for players or Jonah to wpl@audioboom.com

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