TNS set new World Record

So, it has finally been done. After what seems like weeks of anticipation and unforeseen levels of coverage for a Welsh Premier League match, TNS set a new World Record  against Cefn Druids last night, winning their 27th successive game in a row surpassing a 44-year-old record held by a vintage Ajax side. Rather fittingly, the goals in their famous 2-0 victory came from Aeron Edwards and Jon Routledge – two players, who for me, have been key on that incredible run.

You may remember earlier this year that East Kilbride, a lower-league Scottish outfit, also achieved 27-wins but it was not deemed to be a World Record on the technicalities that one of the games was a victory which came from extra-time (so a draw after 90 minutes) and they weren’t playing in the top division of their national league, meaning TNS’s achievement is legitimately recognised by Guinness World Records.

It really is an incredible achievement and Craig Harrison, his coaching staff and his squad should be applauded for what they have achieved. The WPL has never received so much attention, particularly in a positive light and that is all because of what TNS have achieved. I think Mark Pitman sums it up best:

They are indeed loved and loathed but regardless of their full-time status, to achieve what they have done, at any level of competitive football, is an incredible accomplishment.

This is what’s being said about TNS and the WPL around the world:

The New Saints set a world record for successive wins (Daily Post)

Welsh Premier League: Champions New Saints break Ajax world record (BBC Sport)

This small Welsh side are now WORLD record holders, smashing the previous record held by Johan Cruyff’s Ajax (Wales Online)

The New Saints break Ajax’s 44-year world record after Welsh club win 27th straight game (The Mirror)

The New Saints eclipse Johan Cruyff’s Ajax with record 27th straight win (The Guardian)

TNS just one game away from beating Ajax’s 44-year world record for consecutive wins (Daily Mail urgh)

Welsh side The New Saints break Ajax 44 year win record (AS)

Welsh football team equals Ajax’s 44-year-old world record (CNN)

Welsh side The New Saints break Ajax’s 44-year win record (The New Indian Express)

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